Cannabis UNKNOWN: Super CBD Me!

Consuming a steady diet of CBD over 14 days, The Herb Advisor takes you on a journey (complete with dosages) of how CBD affected him during the intensive two week trial.

In the Bible they speak of “Doubting Thomas”. They treat him like a man of little faith. To me, he’s my patron saint.

CBD is all the rage these days. I mean for God’s sake, they are actually thinking it may cure some forms of cancer!! I have relatives that use it with great success, friends who use it and swear by it, but I have never personally experienced the medicinal effects of CBD….until now.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and can be taken from cannabis flower or hemp. It is a non-psychoactive compound, so it won’t get you “high”. Yet for some reason the Federal Government has chosen to label is as a “Schedule One” narcotic. Which means it has literally NO medicinal value. Try telling that to wounded veterans. Try telling that to kids who suffer from seizures. Jesus Mr. Sessions. I’m a pretty nice guy, but even I have to say you’ve got your head up your ass on this one.

Taking inspiration from Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) and one of my favorite stoner comedians, Doug Benson (Super High Me), I embarked on a two week journey to test my body during times of stress, pain, and attempts to sleep. I tried multiple experiments, with multiple dosage levels. Is it hard science? Absolutely not.

My friends at Lunchbox Alchemy provided me with “CBD Squibs” which are essentially gummies with a crap ton of CBD (131 mg) and a little bit of THC (4 mg). They don’t taste anything like a gym shoe. Imagine eating a gummy bear that just got done smoking a spliff.



The first night I got them, I put them right to the test. I took half a Squib (65 mg CBD – 2 mg THC) and went to bed. Well, I fell asleep. But I always do. So I kinda blew that experiment. Have you met me? I’m not smart.

But the next night, the wheels were spinning in my head and I took a quarter Squib (32mb CBD – 1 mg THC) and while it took about an hour to finally kick in, I did feel a sense of relaxation that did aid in my finally falling asleep.

Conclusion? Inconclusive Results. Mainly because someone who doesn’t have trouble sleeping doesn’t make a good test subject for a sleep aid.



Once again, I may not be the best test subject for this area. I live in a beautiful town with XC skiing, mountain biking and craft beer all on the menu and I work for myself, doing something I love doing, and I get paid to do it. Not many complaints.


The first day was the worst. I was having a pissy day right out of the gate, so I decided to jump deep into the CBD pool and took an entire Squib (131 mg CBD – 4 mg THC) and…

I still had a shitty day.

The second day I was less stressed and so I decided to take a half Squib. While I still had a shitty day, I did feel a little bit of the the “edge” taken off. So while I can’t say that CBD was a great stress reliever for me, it did help a little. AND KEEP IN MIND, these results are purely how CBD effects ME. Only use this as reference. PTSD sufferers are flocking to CBD in droves, so I think that is the more powerful testimony.


I’m a middle aged white guy. I’m a few pounds overweight, yet I am off climbing mountains or kayaking rivers on a regular basis, so I know a little bit about body pain. This was the area I was crossing my fingers for, but still remaining very skeptical. No pain killers work for me. Asprin? No. Ibuprofen? A little. Hell, I was given opioids after a car wreck and even they didn’t really help.

I once again decided to dive deep into the CBD pool again and ate an entire Squib (131 mb CBD – 4 mg THC) and about two hours later….HOLY SHIT!!!! I started to get out of my recliner and did my typical preemptive GRRRROOAAAANNN and SAY WHAT??? I didn’t feel any body pain. None. Mind blown.

Over the next few days I tried cutting down to a half and quarter Squib with predictable results. The pain relief was there, but not as significant.

I have visions of this being a great sports aid. Speeding up recovery is the name of the game, and CBD proved to me that it was more than worthy in that department.

Results: OH HELL YEAH!!

Cautionary Tale


While the Squibs I had had very little THC, do be careful the first time you take anything with THC. I ate half a Squib on the way up to go skiing. I didn’t expect to feel anything, but I did. At first it made me a little nervous. Do I want to be going 50 mpy on skis when I’m feeling….”high”? I wasn’t as high as I was super relaxed. So I decided to give it a shot and DAMN! I had one of the best days of skiing ever. The conditions were perfect. I was relaxed but fully aware and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! This, from a guy who doesn’t like to get high or buzzed on alcohol when he skis.

So there ya have it. That’s my SUPER CBD ME experiment! Big props to Doug Benson for being my true inspiration on this, and for humor in general. Finally another big thanks to Lunchbox Alchemy for providing me with the tasty test subjects!

Power To The Flower.

The Herb Advisor


Text of Video:

Herb Advisor:                       Hey everybody, Scojo, the Herb Advisor here. First you saw it at Supersize Me, a deep dive into fast food hell, then you saw Doug Benson do Super High Me, where he got stoned for an entire month, but now I’m giving up my body to science for Super CBD Me. Stay tuned. Roll the intro.

Herb Advisor:                       You heard right, it is CBD the Herb Advisor edition. I put myself into a two week regiment of pretty healthy CBD ingestion. I took notes, I’ve got them all of you, there were more than a few surprises, and even a time when I almost turned my car around in the middle of a highway. Why? Well, stay tuned.

Herb Advisor:                       First up, a disclaimer. When I did this experiment I used these things called CBD Squibs, they’re basically gummies from a company called Lunchbox Alchemy, here in Bend, Oregon where I live, so am I biased? Yes, absolutely. Do I recommend them? Absolutely. Did they put preexisting conditions on what I’m about to say? Absolutely not. So what you’re about to get is my 100% honest opinion. Let’s check it out.

Herb Advisor:                       Okay, first up on the testing plate was sleep. Now I have to admit, I’m not somebody who has problems with sleep, so I may not be the best test subject for this, but with all of these things I’m about to tell you, keep in mind they’re all subjective to how my body processes it, so this is just for reference. I don’t have problems with sleep, so the first time I took like a half squib, full half squib, and I fell asleep, but I always so, so inconclusive on that particular one. However, there was a second time where the brain was spinning and spinning, and I ate a quarter squib and I fell asleep a little bit faster. I took about an hour for the squib to kick in, but once it did it relaxed me and put me to sleep. So when it comes to sleep, my conclusion, mixed results.

Herb Advisor:                       Next up on the CBD Petri dish is stress. Now, look at me, do I look like I’m stressed? No. I don’t lead a very stressful lifestyle, so I may not be the most qualified candidate for this type of thing, but oh, there was stress in the last couple of weeks. Now, the first day was the worst. Tons of stress, so I said I’m diving in the full CBD pool, ate an entire squib, and still had a really shitty day. So I can’t say that it really helped me out on that particular occasion, however there was a second day, not quite as stressed out, took half a squib and it kind of took the edge off a little bit. Did I still have a day? Yes. For me, stress and CBD we’re quite a big match, but then again, if I’m stressed I’ll grab some Indica, or Girl Scout cookies or something like that. So, may not be the best candidate, but it does take the edge off.

Herb Advisor:                       And finally, the mother of all tests, pain, yes. Why did I do that? I don’t know.

Herb Advisor:                       And finally, the big test was pain. Now this one I’m qualified to talk about. I’m a middle aged guy who likes to go cross country skiing, hiking and stuff, so my body aches and me, we know each other quite well. So I’m going to put it to the test. Nothing’s ever worked for me, I’ve heard all these claims, let’s just dive on in, so I decided the best way to test pain is to be in pain. So I went up in the mountains and thrashed myself. I came home and was like a ball of lactic acid pain, and I ate a squib, and about two hours later, you know how you preemptively grown sometimes when you’re getting out of a chair? You’re like “Ugh,” and then it doesn’t actually hurt? Well, I went “Ugh,” and there was nothing. I came out of the chair and I felt like I was 20 years younger. There was no body pain on there whatsoever. It was eyeopening. I mean, I’m not shitting you, this actually, like my entire body felt 100% better.

Herb Advisor:                       Now, I decided from there, let’s see if, do I have to eat an entire squib to get rid of pain? So I decided to put smaller doses to the test. The first test was a half squid. That was on a day where, yeah, I felt some pain, but not as much as the day before, so I ate a half, and it worked. So, very pleased about that. Did it get rid of as much pain as the full one? No. But a half one actually did a good job. So then, the next test was to cut it into quarters, and you know how like when you get up in the morning you’re like, “Good lord, I can’t move?” Well, I ate a quarter squib while I was still laying in bed, I set it next to my nightstand, and it worked. It wasn’t again, a catch all be all for pain relief, but I did manage to get up, move around, had a great experience with it. It works for pain, at least for me. Try it.

Herb Advisor:                       Oh, and can’t forget the bonus story. Now, this is kind of a cautionary tale. I decided I was going to go skiing, and maybe I could stop some preventive body pain, so I ate half a squib for breakfast, and then about halfway to the mountains when it kicked in, I didn’t expect to feel anything. I mean, that’s only like two milligrams of THC, but between that trace amount and the relaxing effects of CBD, I definitely felt something as I’m driving down the highway. I almost turned around in the middle of the highway, thinking do I want to be going 50 miles an hour on skis when I’m feeling high? I don’t like to ski high, but I continued on, and I hate to say it, but it was one of the best days of skiing I’ve ever had. I was relaxed, but not, you know, I wasn’t like high, I was just nice and relaxed. I could almost feel the edges of my skis, had a great trip, so the cautionary tale out of this is just be careful. Try these things, dip your toes in the light end of the pool and just sort of ease in like I did, otherwise you might find yourself like talking to your boss and all of a sudden losing functioning on the left side of your face.

Herb Advisor:                       There you go, the results of Super CBD Me, the Herb Advisor edition. I’ve got to say in conclusion, results, surprising. I was a big skeptic about CBD going into this, because I’d never had direct experience with it working for me, but especially when it comes to pain, major thumbs up. For athletes out there, for recovery time, it’s going to shorten a lot, eh, might want to check it out. Thank you Lunchbox Alchemy for giving me the squibs. You can find Lunchbox Alchemy in Oregon, now in California, and they sell those squibs in US Markets. So check them out, Lunchbox Alchemy.

Herb Advisor:                       Thanks everybody for tuning in. I am the Herb Advisor for Cannabis Unknown. Power to the flower.



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  1. Great blog article – working on the CBD testing myself for certain pain issues that up to now have been being treated by opioids that i am hoping to completely remove from my life. Excited to hear your experience and probably need to up my dosage a bit as i tend toward the conservative side and probably would help my results – although i will say i have been encouraged by the results so far.

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  2. Thank you for this trial, it will help me choose something more effective for my friend. I know that sounds dumb, but it really is for my friend. LOL


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