Cannabis UNKNOWN: The Great Indica vs. Sativa Myth

It's been a debate that has been going on since humans first began consuming cannabis. Indica? Or Sativa? Well the winner is: Terpenes. In this episode, I'll tell you why. Now confession time. I've been a cannabis consumer for 30 years. It's only been within the last few years that I even had an... Continue Reading →

The Climate of Growing Marijuana

Haven’t you always dreamed of growing your own marijuana? The states that have legalized recreational marijuana have all put in provisions for growing your own herb and some of the states that legalized medical marijuana have provisions as well. The closest I ever came to growing cannabis was having a roommate that “attempted” it. Notice... Continue Reading →

Talking Terpenes

THC is the alcohol of weed. Thusly, terpenes are the hops, barley, water and peat moss of cannabis. While I’m all for THC and even high THC strains, if you are drinking any beer better than Schmidt Ice, you may want to consider the terpene profile of a strain as much as you consider the... Continue Reading →

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