Cannabis UNKNOWN: Achieving Balance with CBD

CBD is saving lives every day and yet many people still don’t know why. Find out here!

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Scojo: Well I’m definitely a flag flying recreational cannabis consumer. My main excitement with the growing legalization movement is the medical side. If there’s one hot topic on medical it’s CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound within cannabis. It will not get you high. A couple of the highlights of CBD are that it’s saving lives of veterans who suffer from PTSD and saving children’s lives who suffer from seizures.


That alone should be a mike dropping moment and I should be walking off stage to go back to my groupies but no. I’m still here because there’s so much more. But let me put it in a nutshell. In many ways I can sum up why CBD is so amazing in one word. Homeostasis. CBD is exceptionally gifted at helping you maintain homeostasis.


What is homeostasis? Well homeostasis essentially means balance. Our bodies and minds have several systems that need to stay in balance for us to be at ease. Like if your hydration level gets to be too high your body has a way of maintaining balance. When your blood sugar gets too low your body gives you cravings to return you back to homeostasis. And when you’re emotionally out of balance your body releases certain chemicals or let’s face it sometimes we ingest them, to try to bring balance back to our energy.


So since CBD is so good for helping you maintain homeostasis it is incredibly helpful and as I said before helping children get relief from seizures by returning their nerves back to balance. And saving PTSD victims from extreme mental suffering by balancing their emotional and spiritual levels. And it helps prevent and possibly cure some cancers by reducing inflammation within the body as its way of returning your body back to balance.


When our bodies and minds are balanced our bodies and minds are happy. So while CBD may not get you high it can definitely have an effect on your overall mood and relaxation. I mean, if you were suddenly free from back pain or a headache, wouldn’t that alone improve your mood?


CBD can be consumed in a variety of ways. There are high CBD flower strains you can smoke. Many people eat it and CBD tinctures get high marks for their effectiveness and the great part about CBD is that is can taken safely in high doses.


Coming up in a future episode I’m going to try own CBD regimen and report back on how it affects me. But my guess is that you or someone you know has been directly affected by CBD so leave your story in the comment section and help me educate the masses. I’m Scojo the Herb Advisor with another edition of Cannabis Unknown. Power to the flower.




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