Cannabis UNKNOWN: My Guide To Edibles

If edibles are new to you, or it’s been a few years, you might want to check out my new guide to edibles where we take a bite (sorry, couldn’t resist) out of the latest info.

Hey everybody, the Herb Advisor here. Welcome to another edition of Cannabis Unknown. Today we’re going to tackle the topic edibles. They’re tasty, they’re scary, what should you know about them? Stay tuned. Roll it.

I’m Scojo the Herb Advisor, and this is Cannabis Unknown. In this series, I’m going to explain some of the basic concepts within the cannabis world, for those who are new to the plant, clueless about the plant, or seasoned consumers with a mindfulness with their choice making.

The good news about edibles is that they’re bcoming more legal in more states, so we have more technology about them, and more information. So gone are the days when you just kind of took a bite of a brownie and held on for dear life. We actually have established dosages now, and they are clearly marked on the package when you buy an edible.

But will that stop some people from consuming too much? Of course not, it’s America, we have 100 ounce steaks, and five pound vats of gravy that people put straight into their arms. America.

Let’s do a quick and dirty about edibles, for those who are new to edibles, and for seasoned consumers who just make more informed decisions. Shall we?

The first thing to know about edibles is time. Please, please, please, please be patient when you’re dealing with edibles. It takes a half hour to two hours for the effects to kick in, so don’t make the mistake that I and many of those who have paved the paranoid path before made when we said, “Hey, I’m not really feeling it, maybe I should eat more.”

Now, because THC has to go through your liver instead of your lungs guess what? It actually amplifies in strength when in goes through your liver, so it creates a longer lasting high and a much stronger high, so this is another cautionary tale to be careful with your dosage, because if you get too high, you’ll just be too high a lot longer.

Next up is dosage. Now the good news is they’ve established an average dose of 10 milligrams of THC, but beware, I’m a veteran consumer and 10 milligrams for me is plenty, while the guy sitting next to me could eat a 100 milligrams and be just fine. So again, you might want to not jump into the deep end of the pool before you learn how to dog pedal.

Where edibles really shine is in health benefits. Now I’m a smoker, I know I’m putting carcinogens in my body, it may kill it early, I’m okay with that, but if your super health conscious, edibles are the way to go. You don’t have the carcinogens going in your lungs, but what you got to watch out for is once you have that edible are you about to put down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s or three? That’s not as healthy, is it?

Finally, of course, we’ve got to talk about taste, this is an area where edibles have really grownup, because back in the day, brownies used to taste like fermented gym shoes, it was not a pleasant experience but nowadays we’ve got caramel corn, lemonade, we got gummies, if you can eat it or drink it, somebody’s going to put weed in it. I’ve even seen gourmet chefs using to put in some viche or making infused cocktails out of it. So these days, eating your weed is pretty darn tasty.

So are you a candidate for edibles? Well, lets take a look, if you like more of a body high than a head high, if you like a longer lasting high, if you’re going somewhere where smoking isn’t really an option, if you’re a medical patient who needs to consume high dosage, then yes, you’re a candidate for edibles. Congratulations. But if you’re an impatient son of a bitch like me, you might what to look elsewhere.

Thanks for tuning in to another edition of Cannabis Unknown, if you want to see my videos elsewhere, you can go to e360tv, which is on Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire. Check it out, and please share this video with your friends, as I share with you now a picture of me doing something stupid.

Power to the flower.


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