Nana’s Secret Is More Than Medicine

There are a lot of reasons to smoke and/or ingest marijuana. Personally, it’s always been about the spiritual benefits of cannabis, not the medical effects of marijuana for me. So I guess you could qualify me as a “recreational” marijuana user. But I consider peace of mind and expanded capacity to love to be more than “recreational” so perhaps there needs to be another category.

When I was at the Wick and Mortar Industry Mixer recently, I had the privilege to interview a myriad of entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry. These are people who aren’t “stoners”. The term itself almost feels dated now that we know that millions of people who are doctors, lawyers, TV weathermen, ministers and every other demographic you can imagine, are consuming cannabis both for fun and for relief.

In the above video, I interviewed “Nana” (Cecilia Sivertson) of Nana’s Secret Sodas. While her products have been off the market for a bit while they transitioned to adapt to the new regulations, Nana has been far from silent. She created a non-profit called The Cannabis Angel Network that is designed to help get medical marijuana into the hands of children who suffer from epilepsy. A condition that she herself suffers, and gets relief from, thanks to medicinal marijuana.

For those of you who are reading this and saying, “SHE’S PUTTING WEED INTO CHILDREN’S HANDS?!?!”, you need to get up to speed. There are many part of cannabis that are non-psychoactive. Cannabidiol or CBD is hands down the most famous. CBD is one of those compounds that the claims almost seem unreal, but are being proven real everyday.

CBD is great for inflammation, seizures, paranoia and stress, and there is strong anecdotal evidence that CBD may help cure cancer. Yes, I said it. CBD may cure cancer! So relax, medical marijuana can be administered in many ways and CBD is the most popular compound that is being given to children. For a great look at CBD and children, click here.

Nana has some amazing sounding flavors of soda that are worth giving a go. Ten flavors in all, including orange creme and honey lime ginger ale. All infused with cannabis, with a CBD only beverage on the dream horizon.

Now I’m not a cannabis ingestor. I am a cannabis smoker. I like the old school. The smells, the sticky fingers, the aromas and flavors. But I have tried many marijuana infused beverages that were not only quite tasty, but potent too. In fact, that’s the main disclaimer I will give anyone who wants to try a marijuana infused beverage. DO THE RESEARCH first. The average “dose” of THC for an adult is 10mg. Most beverages have substantially more than that.

Plus, everyone processes THC differently through their liver. I’ve seen a woman eat a 120mg gummy and be perfectly functional, but you give me a 15 mg marijuana infused kombucha and I’m in La La Land, and Emma Stone is definitely NOT there. So dip your toes into the marijuana infused edibles pool lightly at first.

So cheers to Nana for bringing back her sodas to market, and cheers to Nana for helping get the right medical marijuana into the hands of children who need it.

Power to the flower, my babies.

Scojo The Herb Advisor.

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