Cannabis UNKNOWN: The Beginner’s Guide

We've got to start somewhere. Lucky for you, you can start right here. So, you're starting to think that cannabis might just be for you. Well, it's your lucky day, because on Cannabis Unknown, today we're going to do the beginner's guide to consuming cannabis. Let's kick it. It's about time somebody put together... Continue Reading →

The Climate of Growing Marijuana

Haven’t you always dreamed of growing your own marijuana? The states that have legalized recreational marijuana have all put in provisions for growing your own herb and some of the states that legalized medical marijuana have provisions as well. The closest I ever came to growing cannabis was having a roommate that “attempted” it. Notice... Continue Reading →

Concentrating On Concentrates

With the advent of legalization now catching fire, innovation in the industry is also catching fire and one of the most noticeable areas is in "Concentrates". Where there used to just be things like hash and kief, there are now "dabs" with names like "wax", "shatter", and "crumble". They are all a little different, but... Continue Reading →

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