Marketing Marijuana (feat. Foot Traffik)

If you are cannabis business looking for professional marketing help, check out the above video featuring my interview with Guillermo from Foot Traffik, a cannabis marketing firm out of San Francisco.

Marketing is a bitch. It is a bitch on so many levels. I can almost guarantee you that every business looks back on their history and thinks they should have gotten into professional marketing earlier than they did. In the cannabis world, marketing is an even bigger bitch.

Cannabis marketing is fighting an uphill battle. Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media outlets and search engines refuse to take cannabis money for marketing. Who in the United States EVER refuses money??!! Nevermind that the cannabis business is in a legal state. Nevermind that the social media or search engine company is likely in a legal state. Marijuana may be becoming mainstream, but big business certainly is not helping it along.

Cannabis marketing takes a special skill set. While it often borrows from traditional marketing on things like branding, packaging, etc. getting the inside track in the marijuana world takes more than just good marketing chops. It takes specific experience, knowledge and connections.

Just like us, you may be an owner of a cannabis related company who is struggling to find the budget for proper marketing. But like us, you also know that it’s one of those things that you really can’t do effectively by yourself. Marketing is a skill. It is a job. Trying to wing it by yourself may be necessary at first, but as soon as you can afford to invest in branding and marketing, make that jump.

Things to consider in your cannabis marketing strategy would include website design and development, a mobile marketing strategy, email marketing, and of course the ever so necessary social media strategy. How many times should you post on social media? What channels are most popular with cannabis? What about video? SEO? Print ads??? FUCK!!!!!! Get this off my desk!!!!!

So what marketing challenges do you encounter? What are some of the strategies you have found to be effective? Which ones just plain sucked? We’re all family here, so share some advice, horror stories, or better yet, SUCCESS stories!

Please jump in the discussion and SHARE this video with your cannabis friendly compatriots! Knowledge is power.

Power to the flower, my babies.

Scojo The Herb Advisor


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