Hanging Up The Herbal Spurs

Hey All –

Most of you have already figured out that the content on this site hasn’t been getting updated. That’s because I haven’t had the energy to produce more vlogs and when that happens, I think it’s a sign that my passion has waned and it’s time to step away.

I’ve never made any money doing this. I have admittedly tried, but after YouTube shut me down and the fact that Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and every major web and social media outlet won’t accept my marketing money, my fan base hasn’t grown fast enough for me to secure sponsorships.

I have been quite pleasantly surprised with the international reaction. I’ve received more visitors in foreign countries than I do in my home country! That was an unexpected statistic that I took as quite a compliment.

Jared Mirsky at Wick and Mortar in Seattle is a friend, and I’ve covered his Movers and Shakers Mixer for the last several years, so when he asked me to come back this year, I felt it would make a great final video to share with y’all.

Is this the end for The Herb Advisor? Maybe not. I would happily jump back in if I can find a way to make rent and do this at the same time. Also, as a video producer, I will be continuing to produce videos for cannabis companies from behind the camera. So if you need high end cannabis video, give me a call!

Thanks to my small, but loyal fan base! You’ve made the hours of work more worthwhile for me. Much love to you all.

Power To The Flower.

The Herb Advisor

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