Cannabis Cured Dover Sole Ceviche Cooking with cannabis isn't just about making your grandma's old "Woodstock brownies". It's gone full on gourmet! Check out Chef Leather Storrs as he plates up a cannabis cured dover sole ceviche. Scojo: I drove over to Portland, Oregon the other day to learn all I could about cooking with cannabis. I met up... Continue Reading →

What The Hell Is Hash?

Bubble hash, ice water hash, Afghani hash, Moroccan hash . . . the names are many, but hash itself is actually quite simple. Hash has been around since at least 900 AD, but many figure its roots go far deeper into history. Either way, "hashish" which loosely translates into "grass" in Arabic, was used medically... Continue Reading →

CO2 Extraction for Dummies

It’s one of the most popular areas of the cannabis industry. It’s the art of using CO2 to extract and concentrate cannabis. From vapor pens, to cooking oil, to mind bending dabs, CO2 extraction is a hot ticket these days. Considered to be healthier, cleaner and more aromatic than using Butane as an extractor, CO2... Continue Reading →

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