Terpenes Series: Myrcene 101

Well if you haven’t been able to tell, we’re going to be talking about myrcene today, one of the Terpene families’, well, the most common terpene in the terpene family. In fact, one of the ways the judge an indica versus a sativa, is the percentage of Myrcene that a strain has. If it has more then 05%, then it’s an indica. It’s known to be very sleepy, relaxing and great for pain relief.

Now Myrcene can be found in things like lemongrass, cardamomum and mango’s. And matter of fact, there’s so much myrcene in mango’s, that if you eat them about 20 to 45 minutes before you consume cannabis, the myrcene actually reduces the blood brain barrier, and you get higher faster and more intensely. Myrcene is also a cousin to hops, so if you like a good bitter IPA, you might want to just pull a bar stool up to some myrcene. Myrcene has a very earthy, somewhat spicy aroma, kind of like if dirt meets cloves.

So the next time you’re trying to pick some up at a dispensary, you can either check the terpene profile or follow your nose. Now if you’re an investment banker, you might want to perk up your ears because I predict that myrcene will be the next big seller in the cannabis medical market. I mean, CBD’s had exploded, but myrcene, with all of its amazing benefits, will be next on the list. Why?

Because myrcene has strong analgesic, IE, pain relieving effects, aids with sleep and has even been found to cure some forms of cancer. All without the addictive qualities of opioids. Now if you’re hoping to find it on the pharmacy shelves soon, you’ll hae better luck finding it at a dispensary because right now, Mr. Sessions still seems to think it’s a Schedule 1 narcotic, that no good people consume and it has no medicinal value and has highly additive properties.

And of course Biggie Smalls had Sean Combs and Puffy Daddy, Diddy, Do, Doody … Now of course Biggie Smalls had Sean Combs and P-Ditty, Duff, Diddy, Doo-do, had Mase … Now of course P, God dammit. Now of course Biggie Smalls had Sean Combs and Puff Diddty, Daddy, Doody had Mase. We all do better with an entourage and myrcene does much better with its entourage.

The latest research has indicated a thing called, The Entourage Effect, whereas things like myrcene are good by themselves, they’re made way better when it’s kept in the whole plant with all the terpenes and all the cannabinoids. In fact, many of you already know that cannabidiol or CBD, is made better when it’s activated with THC. If you’re looking for some strains that are high in myrcene, check out AK 47, White Widow, OG Kush, and of course, Dutch Treat. That’s not Dutch.

That’s it for the first chapter in our terpene series, addressing myrcene. Next week we’re going in to the deep woods for pining.

For Cannabis Unknown, I am the Herb Advisor. Power to the Flower.


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