Cannabis UNKNOWN: On Location with Lunchbox Alchemy

Lunchbox Alchemy is exploding and I have had a front row seat. I moved to Bend, Oregon a little over 5 years ago and started a friendship with a talented graphic designer and fellow craft beer fanatic who was doing some work for a new start up. That startup was Google. Just kidding, it was Lunchbox Alchemy.

They were just getting off the ground and had no more than a handful of employees. Today they are in ballpark of 50 and are already expanding into the largest cannabis market in the world, California.

But I will admit that getting the invitation to their grand opening of their new 12, 000 square foot facility had even me shocked. The pace of their expansion has been mind blowing. I won’t say unexpected, but mind blowing.

I’m not much of an edibles consumer. But even I have a very strong appreciation for their product line. Their sugar glass called “Shrapnel” literally comes in a rainbow of flavors and will lay you back in a body high that is quite potent.


But their biggest product is easily the Squib. If you were living in Oregon in the last 5 years and were a fan of edible cannabis, you heard about these everywhere. At the time they were packing too much of a punch for a wuss like me, but they have since created a recreational serving that to the mouth feels like getting high on those “Dots” that you buy at the movie theater. Very yummy. But watch how many you eat!


What I’m personally excited about is their moving into extracts. So soon we’ll be seeing some VAPE from Lunchbox! I may not be a big edibles guy, but I LOVE the vape pen. So my fanboy behavior towards them will only be increasing.

Watch the video above or read the text of the video below to hear interviews with their President, Cameron Yee and their CEO Burl Bryson. And if you are living in California, keep your eyes open because if they are not in your neighborhood now, Lunchbox Alchemy will be in your neighborhood soon!

Next week, I’ll be going back toward my “normal” fair and presenting a show about “decarboxylation”. No, it’s not a venereal disease, it’s the “light switch” for THC!

Power To The Flower.

Scojo The Herb Advisor

Scojo: Hey, everybody. It’s Scojo, the Herb Advisor here. It’s time to go open up our Lunchbox.


I recently got invited to visit the grand opening of the new production facilities, the Lunchbox Alchemy.


Burl: It’s a 12,000 square foot manufacturing facility. It’s custom designed and built for cannabis extraction, so it’s one of the first and few certainly in Oregon, and across the nation. Our buildings that have been dedicated for the purpose of extracting cannabis and manufacturing cannabis products.


Scojo: I think I’ll take a look around. This place is a gargantuan home to gobs of high voltage electricity, and machines that I have no idea what they do. But, I’m guessing they’re not cheap. Everywhere I went, I was amazed at how quickly they’ve grown, and in such a short period of time.


Cameron: It’s grown so rapidly, and we’ve had to real in so many great talents, CFOs and CEOs and COOs. It’s kind of baffling to me, but it’s all come together, and we’ve got a great team. And, with the new building, the possibilities are pretty endless.


Scojo: As you can see, security is gonna be pretty tight, but for good reason. I mean, this place is gonna be like a bank vault of a wide variety of edibles and vape pens, and diehard fans are gonna wanna get their hands on some Squibs.


Burl: So, our kind of classic ubiquitous product is the Squib. One of the best known edible products in Oregon. And on the medical side, this is the largest selling medical product here for many years. And now we’ve taken that over into the recreational side as well for adult use. But we’ve one all kind of awards for our extractions as well. For Shatter. For PHO. For live Rosin.


Scojo: On top of it all, they’re expanding.


Burl: We just launched last month into California, and we’re getting a lot of traction down there very early on. So, we have our products in 75 different dispensaries in California right now just in the course of the last month or so.


Cameron: I made my first extract when I was 18 or so. So, it’s been quite an evolution.


Scojo: A really tasty evolution.


Burl: I’m just psyched to see all these people in Lunchbox hats and shirts, and standing in front of our brand new facility that we’re so proud of. So, welcome.


Scojo: Congratulations, Lunchbox Alchemy. Check them out on line.


Whew. That was a whirlwind. Well, if you haven’t checked out Lunchbox Alchemy yet, get on board and check it out. And be sure to check out every week for a new episode of cannabis unknown. Peace.



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