Cannabis Cured Dover Sole Ceviche

Cooking with cannabis isn’t just about making your grandma’s old “Woodstock brownies”. It’s gone full on gourmet! Check out Chef Leather Storrs as he plates up a cannabis cured dover sole ceviche.

I drove over to Portland, Oregon the other day to learn all I could about cooking with cannabis. I met up with the chef and owner of Portland’s Noble Rot, Chef Leather Storrs and he invited me into his home to show me how to make an infused Dover Sole ceviche with fresh citrus and charred vegetables.


Fingers of fresh sole are added to jalapeno, fennel and shallots. Next, add an infused vodka made with Blue Dream and Meyer lemon, a touch more straight lemon juice for kick, then Blood oranges are prepped as are fresh cucumbers and fennel charred right on the electric grill to a golden brown, a pinch of salt and finally some olives are sliced in preparation for plating. For that honor, I’ll now turn you over to Chef Leather Storrs.


Chef Leather: I think I’m going to use the arugula to kind of capture and hold down the fish, so I’m going to make a very quick dressing with some of that curing liquid and some olive oil. A tiny bit of salt. Mix, mix, mix. Then we’re just going to dot cute little puffs of these arugula sprouts. You don’t have to use these. Just use regular old arugula. But I like to show off given the opportunity and we get access to neat stuff, so there. Here’s my fish. I’m just going to kind of let it tangle, fall the way it wants to. I always like to say that a perfectly plated dish looks like you just kind of dropped it on the plate and it settled down just right.


Here we go, tangles, little piles, one more little tangle here, down there. Oh yeah. We’ve got our funny, fancy vegetable. Oh, charred cucumber, some fennel. Let’s do two there because it’s cute and one more piece of the cuke. Now we’re finishing strong with a couple of those Castelveltrano olives. See? Isn’t that fussy and fancy? I mean just while I’ve been making it, the price has gone up from, I don’t know, $11 to maybe $17 and only because I just keep fiddling with it.


Last piece, of the dill dance. Come on down right over there. A couple chive batons we call those and then I’ve got a few fennel leaves, excuse me tarragon. The tarragon echoes that kind of licorice flavor of the fennel bulb. A final little topical salt because I get nervous. Looks like we could cheat in one more little bit of fish there and then I’m going to finish with some pretty good olive oil and just a bit of fresh black pepper.


Cannabis cured flounder, Dover sole, fluke or your favorite flatfish with Cara Cara oranges, Blood oranges, Meyer lemons, charred cucumber and fennel, Castelveltrano olives, a little arugula and some fancy ass herbs.


Scojo: If you’ve got any secret home recipes that you’d like to make no longer secret, well tell us about them in the comment section below and don’t forget to go to the for more cannabis content. I’m Scojo the Herb Advisor. Power to the Flower.


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