Cannabis UNKNOWN: Cannabis Overdosing

Okay, so you or a friend have just consumed way too big of a gummy, or smoked way too dank of a bowl, and now you find yourself as they say in the cannabis world “not having a good night”. This lesson on “cannabis overdosing” is for you.

While no one has yet to die from ingesting too much cannabis, there have been many that felt like they were, including me. Cannabis will not kill you, but it will kinda make you feel like you wish you were dead.

But relax, the first thing to know about cannabis overdosing is that it’s not an overdose. It’s just too much of a good thing. You will be fine. I can promise you. And the good news is that there’s a lot you can do to make your situation better.


First off, check to see if you’re mouth is dry. One common effect of cannabis consumption is dry mouth and dry mouth means you are dehydrated and being dehydrated means your body is pissed off and your body being pissed off means that your mind is pissed off. Are you keeping up with me?


Step two, are you feeling weak? If so, you may have low blood sugar. Low blood sugar means your body is pissed off and we’ve established that when your body is pissed off, so is you mind.


Step three – if one or both of steps one and two are valid, go eat and drink what ever the hell you want. Ice cream, pizza, pickles and ice cream on pizza, whatever the hell it takes. It’s carte blanche time.


Step four –If your mind is still messing with you after the first three steps, then the good news is that your mind is your only foe, and the bad news is that your mind is your only foe. Bad trips with cannabis are more often than not a result of some anxiety that you’ve buried deep inside. The good news is that this is an opportunity to overcome it. The bad news is, you still have to overcome it.

So with that in mind, there was one occasion where I had a cookie with a dosage that to this day remains a mystery and I worked ALLLL of these previous steps and was still having a really bad day. My parachute?


BEER. Grab one, hell grab three. At this point you just want to loosen up and beer, wine, liquor whatever the firewater, alcohol has that talent going for it. And for me, it worked. Three beers later I was finally getting into a place where I could sleep it off.

And I know you know you’ve got a story about a bad night. Leave it in the comment section and help me educate the masses my babies.

I’m Scojo the Herb Advisor.

Power to the flower.

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