Cannabis UNKNOWN: Defining “Wake & Bake”

I’m quite proud to announce the PILOT episode of my new series: Cannabis UNKNOWN. The first episode is about every consumers favorite indulgence.

I’m Scojo the Herb Advisor and this is Cannabis Unknown. In this series I’m going to explain some of the basic concepts within the cannabis world for those who are new to the plant, clueless about the plant, or seasoned consumers with a mindfulness for their choice making.

In the world of cannabis, there are few things more revered than the old fashioned “Wake & Bake”. Rumor has it that Charlize Theron used to make it a regular routine. Sadly, she has not made me a regular routine, but that’s okay. I’ve got internet porn.

For the unfamiliar, a “Wake & Bake” is the act of rising from a peaceful slumber and packing a fat sticky bowl. So what is so great about it? It’s the combination of having a fresh, alert body combined with a relaxing, centering cannabis buzz that often leads to immense productivity around the house, or the most amazing hike through the woods you’ve ever had.

Now don’t get all PC on me and assume that I am advocating that people Wake & Bake all of the time. I’m not. Reality still exists. Jobs have to be attended to. Girlfriends need….well, I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Wake and Bake’s are exquisite because they AREN’T routine. They are special occasions. You want to perform the dance on a day when you have nothing pressing, nothing you “have” to do, and you’re mind is upbeat and at peace.

Step one. Make some coffee. Duh. But come on, don’t waste your time with coffee that comes in a Styrofoam cup, go for the good stuff. Respect the caffeine, and the caffeine will respect you.

While the coffee is brewing, execute step two.

Step two. Choose your cannabis wisely. Personally I lean toward sativas, but it’s a personal choice. Just think about what you want to get out of your experience and pick a strain that will be the smoke beneath your wings. Then…

Step three. Consume your cannabis. Try to time it so that as you are sitting down to savor that first cup and some tasty breakfast, it’s starting to kick in. Which leads me to step four..

Step four. Cook your breakfast. Don’t get it from a fast food joint, don’t pour it out of a box. Make your breakfast. Create the smells, the sounds and the flavors. Savor your food as much as you savor your day.

Step 5. Carpe Your Diem. Seize your day. Don’t waste it on sitting on our couch with the Xbox. You can do that any time. Grab your inspiration and run with it. Be it painting, hiking, hell even cleaning your apartment can be a complete joy if you Wake and Bake correctly. This is a sacred experience. Treat it thusly.

You must have some wake and bake stories for me. So leave them in the comment section.

I’m Scojo The Herb Advisor.

Power to the flower, my babies.

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