Cannabis & Coffee: Screw The Science

The science is inconclusive, but do you really need the science?

Before we get started, I’m happy to announce that I have put together a “pilot” episode for a new show called “Cannabis UNKNOWN” and I’d love to get your feedback. The first episode, not coincidentally, has to do with “Wake & Bake”.

Why Coffee?

Coffee is the mostly widely used drug in the United States if not the world. Not only is coffee popular, but stimulant drinks of all kinds are artificially amping up everyone from coal miners to ravers and the science about it’s effects are actually mostly positive. Like any drug, caffeine is unhealthy when consumed in heavy quantities, but in moderation coffee has proven that it can actually be beneficial to your health.

Now I read somewhere that coffee doesn’t actually give you energy, it just keeps certain neurons from firing that make you tired. Hmm, I gotta be honest; that may be right, but I really could care less. Coffee wakes people up. Many people can’t even get out of bed without a cup of coffee sitting nearby. Some people are literally fanatical about coffee and proudly where their “coffee is life” t-shirts all over the streets of Seattle.


One time in college I drank an entire pot of coffee right before a final and just before the test was handed out, I realized that I couldn’t slow my heart down. I went into a small panic that I might have a heart attack. I didn’t, and I got an A on the final because coffee had helped me stay alert while I was studying earlier that morning. But needless to say, I haven’t drank that much coffee, that fast, since that incident.

Why Cannabis?

You likely wouldn’t be here if you are not a cannabis consumer, so you have first hand knowledge of the benefits of cannabis both physically and mentally. There are lots of studies that support the health or unhealthy aspects of cannabis, but these days the studies proving it’s health are winning by an ever increasing margin. The more we study cannabis, the more amazing it becomes. We see potential evidence that it treats inflammation, significantly decreases PTSD, helps small children with seizures and may very well be a cure for certain types of cancers as well.

Why Both?


Is mixing caffeine and cannabis dangerous? The short answer is “NO”. The long answer says something about how “over consumption can lead to anxiety, increased heart rate”, and reads more like a legal disclaimer than hard science. Look, if you haven’t learned the rule of thumb that “too much of something is bad” by now, then I’m amazed you can decipher these symbols that I call “letters” into things we call “words” and make sense of what I’m saying. It’s not rocket science. DON’T DO ANYTHING IN EXCESS. Moderation in everything, including moderation.

If you’ve never tried mixing caffeine and cannabis, I can give you some first hand experience. It’s great. It’s fun. It’s a lot of fun. You get the pick me up of coffee with the mellow relaxation of the cannabis and the pairing can lead to some inspired days filled with hikes in the woods, spring cleaning and general “carpe diem” style behavior.

Personally, I like to mix coffee with a sativa and get that extra punch, but for some people it’s too much. I’ve tried an indica and coffee and still enjoyed it, but the sleepiness of the strain fought the caffeine pretty strongly and I just ended up being a SUPER CHARGED ball of space on my couch.

So if you’ve never tried it, TRY IT! Don’t be afraid of going overboard. Just be smart. Start with a cup of coffee and a couple hits or a small edible. Then, whatever happens next leave me your story in the comment section below! Nothing like a good “wake and bake” story!

Have Your Coffee and Smoke It Too


When I was at THC Fair in Central Oregon recently, I came upon the fellas with Zang Products. Their coffee mugs looked familiar and I realized it’s because when I interviewed David Tran from Dope Magazine at Cannacon, he had just such a mug! What kind of mug, you ask? A mug you can smoke weed with too.

It’s an amazing little feat of creativity. There’s a bowl on the mug and the stem goes up through the handle. So you don’t intermix the chemicals, but can have them back to back like a Chevy Chase cannonball from Caddyshack.


Check out my interview with Zang below. It’s served up in video and the transcript is provided below. I gotta run ’cause the coffee is kicking in, but THANKS for joining me once again, and please check out my trailer up above and give me your thoughts about my new potential show. The full episode will be released Wednesdsay!

Power to the flower, my babies.

Scojo The Herb Advisor

Scojo: Greetings and salutations everybody. Scojo the Herb Advisor here at the THC fair, and you know, there’s really only one way to smoke weed, and that’s in a mug. So, we’ve got Garrett here from Zang. Well, first of all Garrett, before I even ask you about the product. You told me about how you came up with the name.


Garrett: So, actually it was the inventor of the pipe mug. One of our friends was a huge Wayne’s World fan. So, you know, in the part when Wayne says excellent in Chinese, he goes Zang.


Wayne: Zang.


Garrett: That’s where we got the name from.


Scojo: Zang.


Wayne: Zang.


Garrett: Excellent. You know? Especially if you start your morning off with a little coffee and weed.


Scojo: Perfect combination. Love that. Now, I was at Cannacon a few weeks ago interviewing David Tran from Dope Magazine. Had one of these mugs. Now, this just blows my mind, ’cause this is like if you know anything about weed, especially waking and baking, you got your coffee, you got your smoke. I mean, tell me a little bit more about this mug.


Garrett: So, yeah. As you can see, I actually switched to water today, right now, ’cause I’ve had about six cups of coffee. Got a carb on the side right here. Flower medicine goes right here. You smoke out of the handle right here. Take a rip. Wish I could actually give you a demo. Then you take a sip right after. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Never be grumpy in the morning again.


Scojo: See? I mean, your weed does not intermingle with your coffee.


Garrett: There’s no cross-contamination here. You can set it in the dishwasher after you’re done. Thought of everything, we tried at least. If you guys can think of more ideas, we’d like to hear them.


Scojo: So where would somebody find these? Would it be at shows like this?


Garrett: You can find us at shows like this. I do post on our Instagram where we’re gonna be next. So, follow us, Zang Products, or you can also go to our website, everything’s on sale there right now. Check us out.


Scojo: Now, tell me a little bit more about what are they made of? They’re dishwasher safe.


Garrett: So, they’re dishwasher safe. Everything is either hand thrown and toused in Mexico, or Los Angeles, California. It’s all made from organic lead-free ceramics. So, we wanted to make everything as the highest quality as possible, and we also offer the best variety as well.


Scojo: Okay. So, I’ve got my mug. I’ve got my weed. Pack it with a bowl. If you’re gonna do that with anybody alive or dead, who would it be and why?


Garrett: It’s one of the hardest questions ever, but I think Jim Carrey. Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of his interviews, and his level of consciousness and just listen to him talk for a little bit, stoned, I think that would trip me out.


Scojo: That’s true. He’s already like … he can contort his face in ways that if you’re sober, are kind of-


Garrett: Right? He’s always trying to make me laugh in 50 different ways just by smiling. So, just to listen to what he has on the inside, too. I think that would be a real trip.


Scojo: Oh, I like one. Well, take note. Jim Carrey. All right.


Garrett: Right?


Scojo: Cool. So, that is Garrett from Zang.


Wayne: Zang.


Scojo: And don’t forget to check out these mugs. I’m gonna have to definitely get that. It’s like not quite a bong, but it’s your caffeine and your weed in the same spot.


Garrett: Oh yeah, you’re going to have to have a rip and a sip together. Don’t worry.


Scojo: That’s right. Rip and sip it from THC fair. I’m Scojo the Herb Advisor. Power to the flower, everybody.




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