Calling All Cannabis Growers: Edumacate Me.

With more states legalizing personal cannabis growing, there is a lot more attention being paid to what the hell it exactly takes to grow something that you can put in your pipe and smoke it.

I dream one day of growing a plant. I’d like to brew my own beer too. Have I yet? Oh hell no. Those are on my “one of these days I’ll get to these tasks” list. I’ve seemed to have had the same list for quite a while now. Another task I’d like to accomplish? Marrying Milana Vayntrub, but that’s not gonna happen either.


I don’t grow plants. Plants need love and attention and while I’ve got plenty of the former, it’s the latter where I fail miserably. There is growing evidence (pun intended) that plants are much more conscious than we give them credit for.

Plants have proven to respond to their environment. They have proven that they respond to positive energy. They have proven that, just like humans, they are what they eat.

So naturally if one wanted to grow a healthy cannabis plant, they would want to consider where the cannabis plant lives and what it eats. Trust me, as a guy who had to study WAY MORE about soils than he ever imagined, soils can vary widely with their offerings depending on climate, temperature, history, chemicals, sunlight, water, animal droppings, people droppings and a long list of other factors that end up in our dirt.

6 Soil types infographic

Some soils are high in sand, which (I just said sandwich) is mostly small particles of rock, thus fewer nutrients. Some soils are high in volcanic elements where the highly concentrated “good stuff” shoots from within the earth and causes plant life to thrive. Ever wonder why so many lush fields grow in Hawaii? It ain’t just because it rains.

I’m just gonna flat out admit that other than the basics, I’m in the dark about the “optimum” soil needed when growing cannabis. So I’m reaching out to all the experts out there to chime in on this subject. I have a few questions:

  • Is the way I approach soil for growing cannabis different if I’m growing outdoors as opposed to indoors?
  • What nutrients are needed for a cannabis plant to thrive?
  • What kind of hydration do they require?
  • How much light?
  • How much processing?

If you, or someone you know can help shed some light on this topic, shoot me a line!

When I was at the THC Fair in Bend, Oregon recently, I had a chance to talk to the folks at Dakine 420 about soils and hyrdoponics. They have an interesting blend of products that are designed for both soil and hydroponic growing (soil-less). Check out the video and transcript below.

That’s all for now, my babies. If you are reading this, how about clicking “follow”? I swear if you do, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get pictures of my ass walking in front of you emailed to you on a daily basis. Maybe just three times a week.

Power To The Flower.

Scojo The Herb Advisor

Scojo: Greetings and salutations everybody. Scojo the Herb Advisor here at the Hemp and Cannabis Convention, also known as the THC Fair here in Central Oregon, my hometown. Speaking of hometown, the kind 4/20 is going to into an area that I have to admit I have no idea about really, but I’d like to because one day, I want to grow my own, and we’ll see how it goes. So, Jake is going to tell me. First of all, tell me a little bit about the product overview.


Jake: Awesome. So, where we are is a really easy to use three part powder. Basically, all you’re going to have to do is use three parts or three powders the entire time of growing. Super easy. Can’t be broken down any easier than that really. You break two parts down in veg and two parts in blume, and then you’re done.


  It fixes your pH for you, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the acidity level that’s in your water. It’s just a less concern for you. One of our major aspects is we’ve been doing this a long time. We’re focusing on just the cannabis plant and not the other plants around us.


Scojo: Now, is your typical clientele, are these like professional growers? Are these amateur growers?


Jake: You know, we actually get a lot of different ranges. That’s a great question. We have some of the biggest commercial growers that are under our belt right now out here in Oregon, as well as in Washington. But a lot of my clients, personally, are the small growers, the little guys that are growing at home for their own personal use. I’m a patient first before I was anybody that was selling nutrients to anybody. I was growing for myself and my family. I take pride in being able to give that to the other people as well that can do the same.


Scojo: Compared to just like I go out and I dig a hole in my yard and I throw it in, how does your product differ from that?


Jake: So, that’s a great question, too. One of the main focuses is our soil is actually a cocoa medium. So, it’s using coconut husks that’s been ground up and broken apart. The benefit of that is it’s an inert medium, meaning that there’s nothing in it that’ll tract or pull to the plant that’ll give it a negative aspect. So, it’s clean. It’s like putting a clean plate in front of you every time you eat.


Scojo: Now, if we want to find out more information about what you’ve got, do you have a website and social media?


Jake: Absolutely. You can reach us out at is the website. Everything that we have available is readable and viewable on the website. We also have an awesome Instagram. You can look up themadscientistofdakine__420. Super easy. Put up your post, and we love copying and posting you guys back.


Scojo: Now, you’ve grown your weed. You’ve got a nice fat bulb. If you could pick anybody, alive or dead, to have smoke a bulb with, who would it be?


Jake: It would have to be Robbin Williams. I would want to smoke with Robin Williams. He’s probably one of the funniest cats that’s ever been known to mankind. He was always making it his goal to make you a happy person. So, I would want to ask him some questions that nobody else got to ask.


Scojo: I wonder if like … He’s known to talk pretty fast. That might actually get him to slow the pace a little bit, yeah.


Jake: Right.


Scojo: Okay.


Jake: [inaudible 00:03:24] for sure.


Scojo: Well, be sure to check of dakine420. From Central Oregon, the most beautiful place on earth, I’m Scojo the Herb Advisor from THC Fair. Power to the flower everybody.





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