The Climate of Growing Marijuana

Haven’t you always dreamed of growing your own marijuana? The states that have legalized recreational marijuana have all put in provisions for growing your own herb and some of the states that legalized medical marijuana have provisions as well.

The closest I ever came to growing cannabis was having a roommate that “attempted” it. Notice I put “attempted” in quotes. All he really succeeded in doing was sprouting a few hatchlings. As soon as the little guy produced the smallest bud, my roommate was cutting it down and smoking it. I never saw more than a bowl full the entire time.


Much like the craft beer market, growing your own marijuana can range from amateurs in their homes, to full blown operations that crank through millions in product every month.

Now I’m no grower, but I am a meteorologist (no, I’m not making that up) and I can tell you that climate is a crucial element to growing weed. First off, it will only grow outdoors in certain kinds of climates. You need somewhere that gets copious amounts of sunlight and soil that isn’t subjected to freezing temperatures for most of the year.


Because climate can be so volatile, most people are moving toward indoor growing operations. Some are using soil and some are using a soil-less method called “hydroponics”. Both methods have their ups and downs. While in the past I’ve viewed growers who use soils as the higher quality provider, the technology with hydroponics has come so far that it’s really user-choice at this point.

Growing takes more than just tossing a seed in the ground. In fact, growing weed is harder than it looks. You need sunlight or simulated sunlight. You need soil that is either rich in nutrients, or spend a decent chunk on nutrient additives. You need space. But most of all you need patience and a decent serving of elbow grease.

Since I’m not an expert on all the stages of how to grow marijuana, I’ll refer you to this great article by Leafly that provides you some great beginner information:

For those who are attempting to grow in harsh climates, a new fangled growing space has emerged that I’m quite intrigued by. You know those 40ft containers you see being loaded on ships or being pulled behind trucks, well you can GROW WEED in them now. It’s freakin’ genius.


A trailer of that size is great for both growing and leaving some room for processing as well. As you expand, you add more trailers. Or, in the case of my recent trip to Cannacon in Seattle, a “Cannabox Container”.

While at Cannacon, I ran into a company called Cannabox Containers and interviewed them about the “whats” and “whys” of growing weed in a 40 ft. trailer. Take a look or if reading is more your thing, a transcript of the interview will be posted below the video.

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Power To The Flower.

Scojo The Herb Advisor

Scojo: Greeting and salutations everybody, Scojo, the Herb Advisor here at Seattle CannaCon 2018. It’s Comic-Con really, really high. That’s what it is, I’m here with Jeff from Cannabox. Now I’ve seen these things, now for a little while, and I want to live in one of these things, but before that, tell us about them first.


Jeff Paz: So actually we can build you an apartment, but we will talk about that after the video. Cannabox started about three years ago, we had a background on the custom fabrication space, and we started thinking to ourselves, “People can grow pot inside of these boxes.” We are based out of Buffalo, New York, so in the Northeast it gets down to -10°, couple feet of snow. You can’t really grow anything out there sustainably, so for all of these medical dispensaries in New York now, we’re able to put those right in their backyard. They are able to grow and extract right on their own property. They’re able to help their clients and serve them in that way without the cost of shipping it in from California and things like that, so.


Scojo: Now, if you do buy one of those, take your vent fan and stick it into my apartment, I love the smell of weed, so I’m just saying, if you’re watching this, just right into my apartment.


Jeff Paz: Just keep it in the back of your head. I love it.


Scojo: How about your social media, website, that stuff?


Jeff Paz: Yes, visit us, Cannabox Containers, it’s pretty easy to find. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it, we’re on there. We’re going to get a YouTube channel going as well, so keep an eye for us. Hopefully we can make this video a part of that. But yeah, visit our website, pretty straightforward stuff, and you’ll see us on there.


Scojo: Looking into the next year, what are you excited about?


Jeff Paz: The impact of we’re going to be able to make on a lot people’s lives by getting these products in their hands. I came from a very sheltered, Roman Catholic family in Buffalo and I never really had any access or exposure to cannabis. My parents kept me pretty sheltered from it. A family member of ours got sick and the last form of treatment was CBD oils, the chemo was knocking her out, and the CBD oils were actually the only thing that worked for her. She’s now out living, talking to people about her experience with CBD oils and, wow, did that change everything.


When the intent changes, everything becomes a whole new ball game. So I was so excited to be able to get in in this industry and that’s what I’m most excited to see, is more and more people’s lives, these stories about people beating cancer, people about beating that un-curable disease, because of the medical benefits of marijuana. It truly is so impactful, it’s unprecedented.


Scojo: That’s the thing, like with recreational, I was glad it happened, but I’ve been able to buy weed my whole life.


Jeff Paz: Yeah, it’s unreal. If you’ve got a set a balls you could have went and bought a dime bag at any time in any state you wanted, you know what I mean? But, like we said, the intent. If the intent was to get high, your excitement stops at getting high. If your intent goes into saving a life, I mean holy shit, now it’s a whole new ball game, you know what I mean? So yeah, we’re excited to see that.


Scojo: Very cool. Well when I get back home, I’m going to cut this up, tweet to hashtag Jeff Sessions or something of that matter. Do you have a message for our friend?


Jeff Paz: I’ll be honest with you man, a message for Jeff Sessions, we’re not too concerned with people trying to get in our way. Just like a lot of people say, “Don’t mind the haters,” it’s a corny saying, but at the same time Jeff Sessions, you do your thing, we’ll do ours, and until you tell to stop impacting people’s lives, we’re going to continue to do what we do.


It’s more important for us to focus on our thing and serving as many people as we possibly can, than worry about what Jeff Sessions, bored at … We got to get him a hobby, too. We got to get the man a hobby, maybe golf or something. I mean, we’ll figure something out, but as long as we’re able to do what we got to do, until he tells us to stop, we’ll stop. But until then, we’re going to continue to do what we do, so.


Scojo: Croquet.


Jeff Paz: Yeah, even croquet would be good for him.


Scojo: I think croquet for Jeff Sessions.


Jeff Paz: Spelunking, he could get in some caves.


Scojo: Oh, that’s even better.


Jeff Paz: I bet you a lot of people would probably pay for him to go on those trips, to just go into a cave, set himself up. We could build him a Cannabox in the cave. He could live in that shit, this is a great meeting, this is great meeting.


Scojo: If you do that Jeff, remember, vent fan into my apartment.


Jeff Paz: There you go.


Scojo: That’s what we’re talking about.


Jeff Paz: Air us out Jeff, air us out.


Scojo: Well, speaking of Jeff, that’s Jeff from Cannabox …


Jeff Paz: Yes, I’m pissed.


Scojo: I’m Scojo, the Herb Advisor, I’m on, check me out from CannaCon 2018 in Seattle. Power to the flower everybody.


Jeff Paz: Take care everybody.


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