Talking Terpenes

THC is the alcohol of weed. Thusly, terpenes are the hops, barley, water and peat moss of cannabis. While I’m all for THC and even high THC strains, if you are drinking any beer better than Schmidt Ice, you may want to consider the terpene profile of a strain as much as you consider the THC content, if not more. Think about it, Everclear is high in alcohol, but do you really want to savor it while watching the sunset on the beach?

Terpenes are secreted by the trichomes, which are those little hairs you see on a nug of marijuana. They contain much of the aroma you smell from herb. Why does the strain Pineapple smell like Pineapple? Because of the terpene profile.

Now we all know (or should know) that aromas can greatly affect ones experience with just about anything. Ever sat next to the Porta-Potty at a concert? Ever gotten a wiff of Citra hops after a fresh pint has been pulled? Aromas are so important to the experience of beer that there is a process called “dry hopping” that literally adds nothing to the flavor to the beer, but enhances the aromas.

But terpenes also affect that way the body feels and the medicinal properties of cannabis. Some terpenes make you feel cheery and usher away depression and some make you suuuuuper mellow. Kind of sounds like sativa vs. indica doesn’t it? Well, many argue that there is no real difference between indica and sativa, but it’s the terpene profile that makes a strain feel the way it does.

There is a wonderful article on terepenes here. It gets into the effects of terpenes, what they are, why they are, and the whole nine yards. I highly recommend taking the read.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of cannabis or if you are a medical patient, you must learn more about terpenes. THC will only get you half the way there. Finish the journey with terpenes.

Recently I was at Cannacon and ran into a brand spanking new company that is doing CUSTOM TERPENES. You want a butter popcorn smelling strain? You got it. Want your vape pen to smell like pizza? Jesus, how great would it be for you take a drag right before your kids walk in and all they smell is pizza? Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Advanced Terpene Solutions. (text of interview at bottom of page)


I have made a few video about terpenes myself. I’ll post them below. Check them out and let me know what you think! That’s all for now, my babies. Please don’t forget to follow my blog and share this content with your friends. If being an educated cannabis consumer is important to you, help spread the word!

Power To The Flower.

Scojo The Herb Advisor


Scojo: Greetings and salutations everybody, I am Scojo the Herb Advisor, I’m a Leo, and I love pizza. I’m here with Mike, who is in an industry that is very close to my heart, it’s terpenes, THC take a back seat, terpenes are the place to go, so Mike, you can tell me all about that.


Mike Brown: Well, thanks. I’d like to think we’ve got you covered on the pizza, too, because I’m an East Coaster, we are a small New England based craft terpene profiling company. What that means, basically, we rebuild terpene profiles from natural terpene isolates that are non-cannabis derived. So these are 100% legal, we can work with anyone anywhere in the country and out of the country, and we rebuild that flavor and aroma that you are used to identifying your strain with.


We really like our craft products, we like to do special runs for people, and we’re going to be working with companies helping develop their own strains, things that can be exclusive to them. I have some old hippie buddies up in the deep woods of Maine that have given us some profiles that we’ve worked off of. I’ll just say I have a profile called Swaziland Gold Star. It is from a true cut of the folklore Swaziland Gold from the African coast crossed with a classic Sensi Star. It is absolutely amazing, and I have yet to see anyone go that far, look for this. That’s what we’re eager for.


Scojo: Speaking of which, then how would they get a hold of you, website, social media?


Mike Brown: Yeah, we have a website, absolutely, we actually are launching our company here at CannaCon in Seattle. So our website is A craft approach to terpene profiling as you can see. There are phone numbers and contact sheets, it’s very easy to get a hold of us and we look forward to talking to anybody that wants to learn more about terpenes and has a need of our product.


Scojo: Looking into 2018, what are you most excited about?


Mike Brown: You know, I want to get our products out there, I want people to see that you can be a small terpene house, you don’t need big mass distillers to do what we’re doing and doing it very well. I think the future of it is going toward exclusivity. People wanting their own strain or even more, the natural flavor lines, we have natural flavor line ranging from fruit punch to blueberry, bubblegum. If you wanted to be the Jelly Belly of the cartridge company, you come to me and you tell me you want a buttered popcorn flavored cartridge, within two weeks I’ll have our formulation department have a sample for your approval.


Scojo: Now, the final question is, at some point I am going to go into an edit bay cut this up and tweet to Jeff Sessions …


Mike Brown: Yes.


Scojo: Our feelings about … Where’s that, what’s your message?


Mike Brown: Oh God. My message is, stay strong man. What can we say in a day? I don’t even want to use the T word, you know we all just got to hold our breath and do what we do. We got to work together, there’s a great community that is the cannabis community, and when you come to an event like this you see everything from terpenes to people wanting to insure this business, process this business, grow, sell dirt, nutrients. I mean, if you can’t see that you can’t stop us, Jeff Sessions I don’t sweat you. Bring it on, man, we’ve been fighting this fight for a long time and we’re not going to stop, so.


Scojo: Hey man, that is another cannabis high five right there.


Mike Brown: Absolutely man.




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