“Dear Mr. Sessions…” – The Cannabis Community Speaks Out

Dear Mr. Sessions;

In early 2018, I attended the “Cannacon” cannabis convention in Washington State. With microphone in hand, I walked the floor interviewing vendors and attendees who at very least had their livelihoods tied to the further legalization of cannabis. Many were lifelong consumers of cannabis; and the vast majority were both. If “no good people smoke marijuana”, the people I interviewed were the bottom feeders of society.

With the assumption that most of those I interviewed would have a chip on their shoulder toward you, I made the last question potentially the most explosive. I asked what they would say to you if they knew you were going to see the video I was putting together. I expected the responses to be outrageous, filled with sarcasm, and when all was said and done, I’d go back to my edit bay and string together a gag reel of all the responses to release to the public for a chuckle.

Well, I did get responses that warranted the video that I am now releasing to the public. Much to my surprise, however, the responses reflected things like gratitude, love and respect. Things that many cannabis consumers feel they are not receiving in return.

Mr. David Tran, the co-owner of Dope Magazine expressed gratitude to you for turning millions of eyes toward cannabis. He thanked you because the pressure you’ve applied to the industry has only further served to galvanize the community of good people that reside within it.

Mr. Jeff Paz of Cannabox Containers and Mr. Connor Corrigan of extraktLAB both expressed respect that you “do what you feel you need to do” with an appeal for consideration that what we within the cannabis industry represent innovators, entrepreneurs and the kind of ambition that made this country what it is today. That we, the cannabis consumer, are just like everyone else.

Mr. Michael Brown of Advanced Terpene Solutions’ reply was one of respect, but also one of caution. That we in the cannabis field have been fighting stigma and social degradation for decades, and now that over 50% of the states have some form of legalization of cannabis on the books, there’s nothing stopping us now.

Finally, Chanel White of Wikileaf had a response that encapsulates everything that we wish you understood about cannabis. One that we will turn into a rallying hash tag:


I believe that you are the type of person that, if given the realization that what you were doing was destroying the fabric of freedom in the United States, you would immediately cease your actions. So therein lies the rub.

Not only are children being cured of seizures using CBD, but their parents are having to quit their jobs and move across the country in order to simply legally acquire CBD for their children, because of your policy of prohibition.

Not only are thousands of veterans every year rising out of suicidal depression because of cannabis, but the VA refuses to allow the use of cannabis (a drug that has proven far less harmful than the ones being currently prescribed), because of your policy of prohibition.

And finally, not only are millions of people in states who have chosen by the will of the people to legalize cannabis finally enjoying their most basic American right of Freedom and emerging from decades of pointless shame and years of being forced to live in the shadows, but hundreds of thousands are still being arrested and many incarcerated because of a plant that grows naturally from the ground and has never caused a single death from overdose, because of your policy of prohibition.

So dear Mr. Sessions, those of us in the cannabis community are asking you to reconsider your policy in regards to marijuana. To stand up for a state’s rights to choose it’s own destiny. To further the notion handed down to us from our founding fathers that we all have the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Respectfully yours,

Scojo The Herb Advisor

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