Cannacon Seattle 2018 Sizzle Reel

Greetings and Salutations, my babies! Scojo the Herb Advisor coming to you with my dork-o-meter running at an all time high. If you’re not one of my 4-5 followers, you haven’t been privy to the fact that I am the single biggest cannabis dork that is currently walking this blue marble.

But I let my dork flag fly high. I’m unashamed and I’m not just a dork when I’m high. As is evidenced in this sizzle reel I put together from Cannacon Seattle 2018:

I first encountered Cannacon three years ago in Seattle when it was bringing ganjites and herbalvores to the waterfront downtown. They have grown so much, so quickly that this year they traded in their sea legs for the deluxe-apartment-in-the-sky known as the Washington State Convention center.

The growing pains showed a little this year as I suspect the attendance was a bit lower than anticipated (update: I was incorrect. Cannacon reports the highest numbers yet. It just felt a little quieter because of the bigger space). But in my opinion Cannacon is just finding their groove. Their execution is impressive. From their branding to their ability to draw in a networking cannabis crowd, it’s hard to imagine that after expanding to Detroit and Boston, they aren’t destined to further their reach.

The speakers at Cannacon this year featured among many, the Governor of the State of Washington and oh, some other guy . . . his name escapes me. Oh wait, FORMER PRESIDENT OF MEXICO VICENTE FOX!!! Are you SH-TTING ME??

Seminars about bud branding, ganja growing, marijuana marketing and the like were running all day long with a job fair wrapping up the festivities on Saturday. What is so great about events like Cannacon is the family vibe that is so prevalent in the Cannabis industry.

Everyone is rooting for everyone. We all know that deep down inside, despite some of our fears, THESE are the Golden Days of Cannabis. Since the great state of California legalized, the Cannabis ship has left the harbor and there’s nothing the Federal government can really do about it.

If Jess Sessions pushes hard, I guarantee you he’s gonna end up with a cola of Sour D shoved up his ass. Too much money is being made with Cannabis now, as was evidenced at Cannacon, and too few negative effects are showing up for our nation to ignore the inevitable.

In the above video from Cannacon Seattle 2018, I had a chance to interview a bevy of vendors from all over the country including David Tran, co-owner of Dope Magazine. David pointed out to me that the most exciting thing about the industry these days is the diversity. That so many people are coming out of the shadows and are open and proud about their love of the herb.

We need to see more events like Cannacon. Cannabis needs to circle the wagons. Cannabis needs to remember its roots. We all came to this plant with a peaceful easy feeling and as the industry begins to expand more, let’s keep these Golden Days of Cannabis alive by not letting the fat cats take over and McWeed everything into submission.

Stay tuned in the coming days as I release the interviews from Cannacon Seattle 2018. Tons of great vendors were on hand and innovation was on display! The Golden Age of Cannbis, my babies. Mark my word.

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Power to the flower.

Scojo The Herb Advisor





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