Free Dope With Dope Magazine’s David Tran

To a middle aged pot smoker, High Times magazine was like the Playboy of pot in our youth. High Times magazine continues to be a major player and an icon, but as cannabis becomes more urban mainstream, Dope magazine is filling that void quite nicely.

Being a citizen of the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been aware of Dope magazine for many years now. With each passing year, my respect for them continues to grow.

Amazing to think that a few guys with major bartending skills, have shown they have even greater skills in the cannabis publishing world as well, and in the above video I interview one of them, Mr. David Tran.

Believe it or not, I was at the first release of Dope Magazine at Hempfest many years ago. David and his compatriots were handing out the first issue with a sign that read “FREE DOPE”. It must have paid off because since then they’ve had the likes of Willie Nelson gracing their cover, so good on ya Dope!

Residing in both print and digital forms, Dope magazine gets automatic props from me for staying in the print realm. I’ll be completely honest, I really don’t do much print reading anymore. But when it comes to cannabis, I love to get my hands on the product. I love the way the photos look and the feel of the magazine in my hands. And of course, there’s the centerfold.

The last weekend in October is the notorious “Dope Cup” in Portland Oregon. If you’re in the area, it’s a must attend. But if you miss it, there’ll be plenty more Dope magazine related events in the near future…like their Dope Industry awards. A big night for any cannabis lover in the Pacific Northwest.

For this year’s industry awards, would somebody please nominate me for Herb Dork of the Year? I think I’ve demonstrated expertise in this category on several occasions.

That’s the Dope on Dope magazine. I’ll be bringing you more videos in the coming weeks that I shot at the Kush Marketplace event and Wick and Mortar industry mixer.

I will close with my usual final plea. Please share this blog with your 420 friendly compatriots, and subscribe as quickly as if your life depended on it. I swear to God I’m floating between 10 and 11 fans right now, and if you could be my 12th or 13th, I give you a big kiss.

Power to the flower, my babies.

Scojo The Herb Advisor


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