Cannabis Goes Craft (with Washington Bud Company)

Think about it. Not so long ago everyone called it marijuana. But now many people are calling it cannabis. Whichever you want to call it, weed has become artisan…and I don’t think anybody is surprised.

Many people including myself, predicted years ago that the cannabis business would likely go the direction of craft brewing. The communities have a lot in common. While you will definitely see your share of people who are growing the marijuana equivalent of shit beer, artisan style marijuana growers seem to be dominating the marketplace.

Washington Bud Company was one of the first of these. They’ve been around since 2012 growing cannabis for medical patients. The above video has my interview with one of their founders named Shawn.

Just by talking to her, you could sense her passion for the cannabis plant. Washington Bud company strives hard to bring flavorful terpene profiles, organic nutrients, and “poison free” pot to the discerning cannabis consumer.

One of the interesting things about Washington Bud company is that they maintain a constant six marijuana strain stable. They want their customers to feel like they can always count on consistent strains and quality at all times. That’s a solid idea from this consumer’s point of view. When I find something I like, I like to go back to the well over and over again.

Check out their website for more information and some cool videos including one about their pre-roll packs that had my mouth watering! Once you’ve tried their product, tell us about it in the comments section below. Cannabis is a community and we want to hear your advice. Knowledge is power!

Power to the flower, my babies.

Scojo The Herb Advisor

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