Pure Joy Family Farms Is Pure Joy


If you say the words “Cheney, Washington” to most people, all you’ll get back in return is a puzzled look. But when you say the words “Cheney, Washington” to me, you get a “HELL YEAH!”

Cheney is a small town just outside of Spokane Washington. Cheney is home to the Eastern Washington University Eagles. Cheney is where I made my drunken transition into adulthood. Cheney is where I learned the power of a fat bowl of cannabis and the album “2112” (by Rush) on headphones.

On a recent trip to Seattle to cover the Kush Marketplace event, I ran into Ted (above) who is with Pure Joy Family Farm in, drum roll please . . . Cheney Washington!

Pure Joy Family Farm is doing things right. They are growing their own cannabis flower, and making their own weed edibles from the fruits of their labor. While I did not get to try any marijuana infused product, I was able to peruse the sample product swith great joy. Carmel plus weed equals a pleasantly fat Scojo The Herb Advisor.

Take a look and listen to the video above. Ted gives me a hint about a new product called “Shizzel” that apparently is a cannabis energy butter with lots of other natural goodies in it. I can’t wait to try it!

Pure Joy Family Farms’ business name encapsulates many of the things that I think of when I think of Cheney, Washington. 1) Pure. 2) Family. 3) Joy. 4) Farms. So do me a favor, go to one of the multitude of retail shops throughout the state of Washington where you can pick up these lovelies, give them a try and leave me a review in the comment section below! Power to the family!

Finally, I’ve been hovering around nine fans these days, but I’m venturing to guess I may be up to 10 now. If you would like to become my 11th, follow me on this page and share me with your friends on social media!

Power to the flower, my babies.

Scojo The Herb Advisor

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