Cannabis Club TV Hits Close To Home

There’s an old cliché in business, during a gold rush you should be selling picks and axes. There’s a reason why it’s a cliché. It actually happened.

Ever heard of Levi Strauss? He made money during the California Gold Rush, but he didn’t make it by getting dirty. Levi sold supplies and unless you’ve been under a rock, jeans. This is testimony to how much earning potential ancillary businesses have during a boom.

That’s why on the occasion of the Wick and Mortar 2017 industry Mixer event this past September, I was fortunate to meet a man by the name of Danny Keith, who is the CEO of Cannabis Club TV. Video of my interview with him is above. Complete with TWO bloopers! If you are one of my nine followers, or a potential tenth fan that simply loves watching people screw up…click above.

Danny is a man after my own heart. Having not known him prior to him stepping in front of my camera, I was surprised at how many things we had in common. We had pursued many of the same avenues for cannabis content and we both had a passion for medical cannabis. Danny’s passion came through a wife with a brain tumor and mine through a cousin who served in Vietnam who suffers from PTSD. Somehow Danny and I have been walking in a similar direction for many years, but it took until that night for our paths to come within visual range.

Cannabis Club TV is leveraging video content to help keep, no better yet, “enhance” the dispensary buying experience. Like it or not dispensary owners, merely selling weed isn’t going to cut it for much longer. As consumers drift more towards products from specific farms and brands, where they get those products takes more of a back seat. Dispensaries need to make their customer experience priority one in order to survive.

Cannabis Club TV is expanding their reach beyond just dispensary screens. I think that’s a wise decision. In the age of YouTube, a growing population is saying that they would rather watch something than read an article about it. Right brainers are rejoicing, but old school business types are shuddering.

Just log onto YouTube on any given day, and look at the niche called “weed tubers”. These are homegrown, independent broadcasters who are racking up hits in the hundreds of millions, yet YouTube refuses to share any of the revenue with them. The indie rocker in me, the one that played hundreds of shows in the sweaty clubs of Seattle during the grunge era, has a disdain for major corporations leeching off of artists at his core. F–k you, YouTube. There, I said it.

If you are dispensary owner, or a cannabis consumer who longs for more visual content for both entertainment and educational purposes, then you should definitely check out  Cannabis Club TV.

Meeting Danny was like finding a kindred spirit. I hope there are many more conversations in the Green Rush to come. Danny, you grab the picks, I’ll grab the axes.

Power to the flower, my babies.

Scojo The Herb Advisor

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