The Kush Marketplace Event 2017

It was a glorious summer day in Seattle and while smoke from distant wildfires was clearing out of the area, smokers of every race, creed, and color were congregating indoors for the Kush Marketplace Event.

Hello my babies, it is your boy Scojo The Herb Advisor here and today we are taking a trip to the Emerald City. The location of my birthplace. At my birth however, there were no shepherds or angels. There was just a mother eagerly anticipating my exit and a father with cheap cigars to handout so everyone could celebrate my birth with a massive headache. Hmm, much like I was to my parents throughout my life. Perhaps it was a foreshadow?

The Kush Marketplace Event is fairly new but it is growing quickly. It’s put on by the same guys who bring you Kush Tourism, one of the premier cannabis tourism sites in cyberspace. The event was attended by processors, producers, retailers, cannabis geeks, marijuana dorks, and the list goes on and on.

By the time I showed up, the combined body heat of the souls inside had surpassed the mild summer temperatures in Pioneer Square. I was a hot, sticky mess and I loved every minute of it.

If you’re one of the nine people that follows me online, you’ll know that my primary job is to show up at events and make a fool of myself on camera. But I also like to use the pulpit to promote and grow the cannabis community that is growing exponentially every day.

Weed is quickly becoming a hot commodity. Cannabis businesses of every stripe are emerging every day. They were on full display on this day, let me tell you. I saw packaging companies, gourmet edible manufacturers, people selling dab pens, and every marijuana market you can imagine was representing in peacock-like full colors.

This was the first event I’ve been to where the producers were allowed to have open containers to allow a chance for retailers and consumers to get a full wiff of their product line. I consider myself somewhat of a terpene fanatic, so I was in olfactory heaven..

The other very noticeable feature to the Kush Marketplace Event, was the amount of women who are in frontward facing positions and management perches alike. I’ve got to be honest, as a red-blooded cannabis consumer, and someone who is attracted to women with big brains, I’m very encouraged by the trend of women in the cannabis market place.

After interviewing most of the vendors on site, I can make the bold prediction that nearly all of them will be back next year. If the growth of the Kush Marketplace Event since its inception is any indicator, this will be one of THE hot tickets in the years ahead.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one thing. The guys at Kush Tourism are friends of mine. But I will seek to promote their endeavors as often as I can. They’re good people, with a passion for the industry. So do yourself a favor, and if you’re in the marketplace, attend one of these events. If you’re looking to partake in cannabis tourism, (i.e. get your marijuana on, in a legal state), check out Kush Tourism.

For those of you who are right brained, or just want to feel like you were in the room with me, check out the video above. While you can’t smell the gorgeous terpenes that were floating through the air, on the bright side you can’t smell my body funk that began to grow as the interviews went deeper into the afternoon.

And one final plea! If you are one of my nine followers, or even if you aren’t, please like and share this blog. I really want to get into the double digits someday. You can be the difference. I’ll even call you a hero.

Power to the flower, my babies.

Scojo The Herb Advisor

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