King Cannabis Expo

Hey everybody it’s me, your boy, Scojo The Herb Advisor. Well, not really your boy, as much as your cannabis blogging bitch, but same difference.

Whether you are a newbie to the cannabis industry, or a veteran of all things weed, there is always something to learn and connections to be made at cannabis industry events.

I have yet to attend a King Cannabis Expo, but I had the good fortune of interviewing its founder, Guy Boudreaux, at a recent cannabis mixer for “Wick and Mortar”, a high end marijuana branding agency in Seattle.

Guy is an intimidating physical presence, with a demeanor that is the complete opposite. Well spoken, chill, and quite obviously possessing passion for the cannabis industry that we can all take a lesson from.

If you go to the Expo, you will find marijuana producers and processors, cannabis business folk, and a myriad of high-level speakers covering topics from marketing to growing, from seed to sale, all wrapped up for a B2B demographic.

Do yourself a favor, if you are in the area, check out the Expo. There are so few opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs to meet up with other cannabis entrepreneurs and grow their businesses, that this Expo is a godsend for all of us. Pass out some business cards, make some new friends, and strengthen the bonds for the cannabis industry that will be the foundation for the explosion that is about to come.

Take a gander at the video and get details straight from the horse’s mouth. Not that Guy is a horse, in fact that’s the last thing I would want to call a man of his stature, but you get my drift. If you go to the expo, leave some comments below and tell us how it went. If the fates lineup, I’ll see you there!

Peace, love and power to the flower.

Scojo The Herb Advisor

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