The Scojo List: The Top 5 Marijuana Strains To Boost Your Sex Life

Marijuana and sex go together like, well, marijuana and sex. While most users would agree that marijuana makes sex better, what are the strains to look at when you want to jump start things between you and your partner? We’ll cover those in today’s THE SCOJO LIST. Grab a chair . . . and a pre-roll. Keep your hands where I can see them.

Anybody who tells you that sex isn’t better with cannabis is selling you a bill of goods. Cannabis makes Snickers taste like witchcraft. Cannabis makes hot showers feel like a week at the spa. Cannabis makes everything that requires your senses . . . more intense.

There are basically three schools of thought regarding cannabis as it relates to sex: 1) Sativa strains make it better; 2) Indica strains make it better; and 3) The difference between Indica and Sativa doesn’t matter as much as the terpene profile of the strain itself. All three have merit.

Sativas tend to be more clear headed, even inspirational. Which of course never hurts in the bedroom. But Indicas tend to be stronger in the body high department. They are relaxing and disarming. They are great for letting down your inhibitions.

I tend to lean toward the third school of thought. So I’m just going to show you my list of the “Top 5 Marijuana Strains For Boosting Your Sex Life” and let you decide.

#5 Pineapple Express – Good for General Knockin’ of de Boots.

Let’s take a look at #5 on our list. A strain that was so great that there’s a movie named after it. Of course, I’m talking about Pineapple Express. Even the aroma of Pineapple Express is like having sex on the beach. It’s fruity, and yes, a strong hint of Pineapple. So you already feel half naked and relaxed before you even take a drag. Once you take a drag, the flavor just makes you feel plaid giddy. It’s clean, citrusy and euphoric. The feel settles into an initial body high that helps you let your guard down. But it is clear enough mentally that you don’t end up drooling on, and then passing out on, your partners under carriage.  Let’s take a :30 tour of Pineapple Express:

#4 Sour Diesel: Morning sex. ‘Nuff said.

At #4 of my list of best marijuana strains to boost your sex life is a legend: Sour Diesel. If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, but all in all life is good between you and your partner, I’d consider trying Sour Diesel It’s a classic sativa. It’s takes a good mood, and makes it better. It excels at inspiring morning sex. You feel relaxed, but alert. You feel . . . inspired. Inspiration is the backbone to jump starting things between you and your partner. It’s a potent smelling strain, so you may want to keep it in a piece of furniture that the in-laws don’t go near when they visit. Grab some fresh fruit, chocolate sauce, a couple mimosas and a bowl of Sour Diesel and don’t let your partner see fresh air for at least a couple of hours. Time for another :30 tour:

#3 Power Kush: Late Night Lovin’ After A Stressful Day

Whether you just had a stressful day, or maybe there was a bit of a lover’s spat, it’s always a good call to lean toward indica dominant strains. You won’t solve the Unified Field Theory, but you will be put into the ultimate “Netflix and Chill” mood. Share a few puffs together, put down the sparring gloves, and disconnect from the rest of the world. Just the two of you. Well, the three of you. You DON’T want to forget the Power Kush. Power Kush is a marijuana strain that may be one of the more sensual ones I’ve experienced. The reason I love Power Kush is because when I partake of it, it totally smooths me out. It takes me back to a trip I had to Jamaica back when I was a corporate stooge instead of a free lance cannabis dork. It was a great way to disconnect from the frustrations of the work world for a while. But I particularly love Power Kush because while it makes me feel stony, my head is still in the game. I still can keep a clear thought and if I’m gonna be curling up with my sweetie, I’d prefer to soak up every minute of it as opposed to being completely checked out. Let’s take half a minute to look at Power Kush.

#2 Blue Venom – Making Passionate Love or Amping Up Make Up Sex

Okay, so this review could go two different ways. One toward making passionate love, and the other for great make up sex. But let’s face it, there is a commonality between both. Whether you are using marijuana to deepen the passions, or to put your fight aside, you are still really looking for a strain that will heighten all of your senses and euphoric emotions. Blue Venom is a strain that will completely mellow you out. Blue Venom is a strain that will ignite those spots below your belly button and make having sex feel like you’re also eating the pizza in world, at the same time. Blue Venom is a feast for the senses. The only danger with Blue Venom is it’s a SUPER mellow strain, so you run some risk of catching an accidental snooze while your partner is headed down south. And be ye male, or be ye female, snoozing is NOT allowed when one is making the trip below the equator. Here’s a snippet of Blue Venom:

#1 New York Sour Diesel (New York Diesel): Putting Love Back In The Air.

So you’re just not “clicking” with your partner. Both in and out of the bedroom. Well, if things aren’t clicking on the outside, they won’t click on the inside. So what is the #1 spot on “The Scojo List – Top 5 Marijuana Strains To Boost Your Sex Life” (contractually obligated to say that)? Well, it’s New York Sour Diesel! Or, some call it New York Diesel. New York Sour Diesel is one of the ultimate hybrid strains. It takes the mental alertness and inspiration of a good sativa, and balances it with a stony “hippie love” kind of vibe from an indica. New York Sour Diesel simply changes the vibe in the room. It melts your cares away, puts a shit eating grin on your face. And what partner isn’t more attractive when they have a shit eating grin on their face?? Smiles are the strongest aphrodisiacs and New York Sour Diesel packs a bowl full. Take her by the hand, put a joint of New York Sour Diesel in the other and enjoy some wine and Indian take out before blissfully slipping into the boudoir and reigniting a flame that was beginning to wane. Here’s the quick and dirty (pun intended) of NYSD:

Well that’s it for today’s Scojo List! I hope you got some great information for jumping starting your love life. As for me, I’m “currently between love lives” so perhaps I’ll grab some NYSD and find out what the Top 5 Best Strains for Picking Out Internet Porn should be. Damn, that’s genius! If you got ANYTHING out of this, please FOLLOW and SHARE with your friends. I really need to break into the double digits of “fans”. Nine is great, but ten is even better! You can do it. You know you want to. Yeah, you’re a dirty girl. You need to be spanked. Cause you’re a . . . oh, sorry. As you were. Get me a tissue.

I’m Scojo, and that’s my list!



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