The Scojo List: Top 5 Celebrities When They Are High Moments

Seth Rogan, Wiz Khalifa, and did you know someone actually got chairs to turn on The Voice by hitting a bong? All this, in the next edition of The Scojo List!

Okay, so it’s probably no secret that Seth Rogan smokes weed. His movies have a myriad of moments where he’s hitting the bong, rolling a joint, hell he even had a movie made named after an actual marijuana strain… Pineapple Express.  So what makes the next clip so interesting? Well, after he gets done promoting his movie, Seth tells a story about the time he and a friend were in Amsterdam and ate so many mushrooms that they ended up in Paris. I have a stoner story similar to this, but I end up in Spokane, Washington. Not as good of a story, but funny as hell when I tell it after some Pineapple Express.

#5: Seth Rogan Gets So High He End Up In Paris

Before we get too far in this list, I suppose we should update people on some of the people that smoke marijuana that you may not have known. A few hints? Morgan Freeman hits the Bongshank Redemption and Steve Jobs may have been smoking weed out of an Apple before he started Apple. That’s right folks, marijuana is mainstream and there are celebrities who are toking out more than you may have ever known. Oh, and can you guess who comes in at #1? One hint: He’s one of the richest men on earth and it’s not Paul McArtney (who smokes weed too).

#4: 10 Marijuana Geniuses You May Not Have Known About

Another guy who will surprise no one that he smokes weed is Wiz Khalifa. The guy who nobody really knows if he gets paid to smoke weed or rap…about weed, dropped by the Conan show and even Conan got in on the cannabis action! Let’s take a look at what happens when Wiz and Conan get high and play Call of Duty 4. Hint: No bags of Doritos were harmed in the making of this segment:

#3 Wiz Khalifa and Conan Get High AF and Play Video Games

Since we are on the topic of Conan and getting high. Let’s take it up a notch and drop Ice Cube (getting high) and Kevin Hart (getting high) and Conan giving a drivers test (while getting high) into the mix. I’m not sure this clip would make the recommended list on the DEA’s website, but just hearing Ice Cube using the word “Po-Po” makes this clip worthwhile.

#2 Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and Conan Smoke Weed

And finally at NUMBER ONE on the Scojo List! This clip caught me COMPLETELY off guard. I don’t know how this guy got by the Producers, but he sparks up a bong in full view of the crowd and the interesting, almost telling reaction of the judges ensue. So of Miley Cyrus, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys, which judges do you think turned around for this, for lack of a better word, Cannabis Crooner? Roll a joint, hold the smoke, and hit the play button.

#1: A Contestant Smokes Weed On The Voice

I’ve got to admit that as someone who spent 15 years trying to make it in the music business, seeing some guy get more publicity than I ever got by just getting up and hitting a bong makes me…wait, what were we talking about?

That’s it for this edition of The Scojo List. Please share this post with your friends and “FOLLOW” me! I love comments from readers and since I’m getting close to having more than 15 readers, I’d love to get some feedback from all you crazy cannabis cats.

Until next time, for The Scojo List, I’m Scojo, and that was my list.

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