The Scojo List: Top 5 Cannabis Tidbits and Marijuana Morsels (ep. 3)

Joe Rogan talks weed and masterbation, Adam ruins everything again, Vets and children find hope in cannabis and Willie Nelson recalls his history with marijuana. All on this edition of…THE SCOJO LIST!

Hey Everybody, Scojo here once again and it’s FRIDAY! Welcome to the next edition of The Scojo List: The Top 5 Cannabis Tidbits and Marijuana Morsels. I curate the cannabis content, so you don’t have to waste your buzz. No, I haven’t sparked a bowl yet. I’m watching the Seahawks game with Mom tonight and want to use words with more than one syllable. I’ll vape after we win.

NUMBER FIVE: Honestly, Joe Rogan really didn’t make my radar with Fear Factor. I don’t get off much on watching people eat testicles unless they are mine, and it’s Salma Hayek. But since then, Joe has started his own podcast, done amazing things with MMA, and is on the cutting edge of spirituality and how chemicals may enhance ones understanding of the bigger picture. THAT BEING SAID, we always start with weed humor, and this is weed humor at it’s best. Ever masterbated while high and stayed awake? Joe says you should qualify for being a Navy Seal. This video is 1:54.

NUMBER FOUR: Since we are on the topic of why weed is illegal, did you know that marijuana was legal in this country for most of it’s history? Did you know that slaves actually paid for their freedom from processing hemp? Did you know that the last three Presidents before Trump smoked pot? Do you think that Trump maybe SHOULD smoke marijuana? Let’s check in with Adam Conover to hear the real story about why cannabis is illegal. This video is 5:55.

NUMBER THREE: How long have you hated children? Trick question. But if you are opposed to medical marijuana, you aren’t helping. Medical marijuana is doing wonders to help children who suffer from seizures. Families in illegal states are moving to cannabis legal states to have access to cannabis oil for their children. Otherwise they literally could face jail time and/or having their children taken away for giving them cannabis oil. Want proof of the concept? Check out this tidbit from our friends at Now This News. This video is 1:21.

NUMBER TWO: On a personal note, the biggest reason I push for legalization is not for me, it’s for our wounded vets. I have three family members that faced combat in three wars and I’ve seen first hand how combat effects people. Thank God I never had to pick up a gun . . . cause, you know . . . I’m a pussy. Medical marijuana is helping injured vets with pain, with PTSD symptoms, and is saving wounded vets from suicide. To that end, I want to feature my favorite Medical Marijuana Vets organization GrowForVets who have gotten over $1,000,000 dollars of cannabis into the hands of our heroes. They have a program called Operation SOS (Stamp Out Suicide) that lets Marijuana Dispensaries help reduce the 22 lives of wounded veterans that we are losing to suicide every day. This video is 3:18.

NUMBER ONE: Hellz yeah. We are at the top spot! I had the good fortune of seeing Willie Nelson in concert not too long ago and that guy still rocks for an 80+ stoner! Weed has been good to Willie, but he hasn’t always smoked the herb. In this video from our friends at The Cannabist, Willie talks about his history with marijuana. This video is 2:38.

That’s it for this week! If you are one of my three fans, please check in! Leave some comments below, shoot me your email address if you want to get on the Top 5 newsletter that I’ll be releasing every Friday (coming soon), and shoot me questions, comments, and suggestions! Remember, this is THE SCOJO LIST. I curate the sh-t cannabis content for you, so you can eat snakey cakes and play Halo, instead. Cheers, My Babies!

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