The Scojo List: Top 5 Cannabis Tidbits and Marijuana Morsels. (ep. 2)

Greetings and salutations once again my babies. Scojo The Herb Advisor coming at you again with my “Top 5 Cannabis Tidbits and Marijuana Morsels” to help you “weed” out the shit cannabis content and get down to what you want to really want to know. Everything ranging from comedy, to news, to DIY, to strain reviews, I’m gonna take the time hit for you and give you a shiny little nugget to help you get educated, be entertained and get on with your day. Drum roll please…

#5: We always start with a laugh and today’s laugh comes from the incomparable Louis C.K. who tells us a story about getting high in Kansas City and why thinks he’s too old to smoke pot.

#4: Are you familiar with Cannabis oil? Do you know what Cannabis oil can do? What exactly THE FUCK is Cannabis oil??? Well, it’s doing wonders for people who suffer from physical ailments, PTSD, cancer, inflammation and the list goes on and on. So is Cannabis oil, snake oil? The proof is in the Cannabi pudding (that’s plural for cannabis, you know). This video will blow your mind. Seriously. The next 2 1/2 minutes could change the entire way you look at marijuana.

#3: Do you like to smoke weed? Do you like to travel? Can you take marijuana on a plane? The short answer is no, but there are exceptions to the rules. In this 1 minute info video from our friends at Weed Maps we tell you where some of those exceptions are and why you may want to think twice before boarding a plane. Oh, and from personal experience, I can say that packing a vapor pen in a check in bag has worked for me every time. Have yet to try it with a carry on. Have you carried on cannabis onto an airplane? Comment below and let us know what happened.

#2: Time for a strain review! Because, you know, you’re feeling some strain and the right cannabis strain may just ease your . . . strain! In this :30 video we hear about heightened sexual arousal, we hear about energy, we hear about mind relaxing aromas, we hear about the marijuana strain: Pineapple Express.

And at #1! It’s time to change our perceptions of cannabis users. About marijuana smokers, edible eaters, ganja consumers, 420 seshmeisters. This video is a bit long but quite entertaining and witty, and if you’re a fan of the TEDx talks, or if you’re not a “typical” cannabis consumer, this is a very engaging video that demonstrates the changing face of the marijuana consumer. Join me as I grow new my fandom for David Schmader

That’s it for this “The Scojo List”. I’m just a dork with a keyboard and decades of experience as a “non-typical” cannabis consumer and an eye for entertaining, yet informative content. So follow me for regular updates! SHARE this through your social media (it’s the only way I’ll ever grow my audience) and leave your comments, questions and suggestions below to let me know you’re out there. Cheers My Babies – Scojo The Herb Advisor


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